AGE Technologies a leading name in the PLC Panel Building Industry

AGE Technologies are a prominent name in the manufacturing of PLC panels.  We offer PLC panels that are manufactured and designed to meet the requirements of various turnkey process plants.  All PLC panels manufactured by us can be interfaced with programmable logic controller for auto operations.  AGE Technologies strives to deliver precision engineered PLC panels that are appreciated by our clients for meeting the exact demands of automation.  Our clients can thus be assured of PLC panels that are perfect to execute programmable logic control (PLC). 


AGE Technologies are experienced and knowledgeable PLC Panel Builders

PLC panels are a fairly common component of automation projects and control upgrades in a wide variety of industries.  AGE Technologies has extensive experience with PLC panels, building a wide variety of designs and components.  To decrease or completely eliminate the chance of miswiring during the production stage of PLC panels, the team at AGE Technologies has developed and subsequently implemented time-tested procedures.  These procedures, together with detailed final quality control, help to ensure all PLC panels are built correctly and meet our clients’ expectations. Trust the AGE Technologies team to build your PLC panels on time, to spec, and within budget.

Due to our extensive experience in PLC panel building, AGE Technologies has the knowledgebase to provide clients with the proper selection and design of PLC panel cabinetry and related automation components.  AGE Technologies also provide PLC panels which conform to client plant standards, be it automation component standards, panel paint specifications, wire/device tagging conventions, or wire colour codes.  Overall, we manufacture supreme quality PLC panels. 


PLC Panel Building a specialty of AGE Technologies

Automation systems, more specifically programmable logic controller systems (PLC systems) need to be contained and protected from a wide variety of environments.  The team at AGE Technologies has extensive capabilities at our disposal in the design, assembly, and installation of any configuration of PLC panelsPLC panels are an essential component of any automation system.  Contained within these PLC panels are the programmable logic controller systems (PLC systems) necessary to provide the required control for the related process or machine.  PLC panels should further provide the required protection for the environment the automation is applied to, whether it is an outdoor, wash down, wet, dusty, or explosion hazard application.  AGE Technologies are thus able to provide clients with any PLC panel configuration in order to achieve the desired automation solution, regardless of the challenge.       






Tel: 27 11 869 3925
Fax: 27 11 869 6427

Norman Jackson
Cell: 27 83 268 9764

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